UK based on site spraying contractors: Canovi OSS

The OSS Process

On site spraying saves considerable time and cost and is a viable alternative to tile replacement.

Over a number of years the appearance of a suspended ceiling can deteriorate, the OSS process has developed a new range of products and on site spraying services specifically for the cost-effective refurbishment of all types of suspended ceilings.

AT OSS we use a water based polyvinyl acetate combining inorganic pigments, extenders and pine oils. This does not affect the inherent properties of the ceiling tiles to which it is applied and will not cause the tiles to stick to the supporting grid system.

"Recoating of Shop Fronts, Roller Shutters, Lift Doors,
Cladding and Suspended Ceiling Spraying."

How we do it

The working area is masked using polythene sheeting to protect all floors, walls and furniture which is completed prior to any ceiling spraying. This includes any fixtures to the ceiling, such as light diffusers, ventilation grills and sprinkler heads. For larger areas, sections may be made and curtained off to enable operatives to work over several shifts. All operatives are fully trained in spraying methods and in use of access stilts and scissor lifts which may be used for access purposes.